Sam’s Success Story

“Our son Sam did not seem to have any difficulties academically in his early years of schooling. However, as he got older and the work increased in difficulty, we began to see some problems for him. Reading, for example wore him out. He would get almost instant headaches, and energy level would drop. Other subjects […]

Tyler’s Success Story

Before vision therapy, Tyler had trouble comprehending when reading and was getting tired of reading quickly and having trouble staying on task. While driving, he was constantly moving the steering wheel unnecessarily to ‘stay’ in the lane and driving too close to the center line or curb. After vision therapy, Tyler has better reading comprehension, […]

Max’s Success Story

“You know how much I believe in vision therapy and wish for every parent to know help is out there and that Dr. Fisher is the doctor who can help them! Prior to starting vision therapy, Max complained of regular headaches, dizziness and difficulty with reading. He had been diagnosed with dyslexia and because he […]

Susan’s Success Story

My daughter, Susan, was having trouble seeing when in her classroom at school. Dr. Fisher, at Sunflower Vision, diagnosed her problems and started her right away on vision therapy. I expected to see some change in her vision, but I was astonished at the huge improvement that Susan and Dr. Fisher achieved. I highly recommend […]

Jessica’s Success Story

“Our daughter Jessica has always struggled with reading. She was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at the age of 4. Children on the autism spectrum usually have a difficult time with language processing. Knowing that fact, we weren’t surprised that Jessica was learning to read at a slower pace than her peers. In July of […]

Alyssa’s Success Story

“Vision therapy has forever changed my life and has opened up an endless amount of opportunities for me.” Before vision therapy, I was having a lot of trouble with everyday life tasks that I just thought were normal for everyone else to experience some trouble with as well. Growing up, I always dreaded reading. It […]

Success Stories

Vision Therapy helps people with visual difficulties relating to a wide range of conditions, skills and/or symptoms, such as:   20/20 Eyesight, ADD-ADHD, Lazy Eye, Blurred Vision, Convergence Insufficiency, Crossed Eyes, Depth Perception, Dizziness and Motion Sickness, Double Vision, Eyestrain & Fatigue, Eye Tracking & Eye Teaming, Headaches, Learning Disabilities, Dyslexia, Non-verbal Learning Disorders (NLD), Special Education, Reading Improvement, School Performance, Sports, Strabismus, Wall-eyed or Exophoria and much MORE!  Read what hundreds of people […]