Lucy’s Success Story

Our daughter, Lucy, and Dr. Fisher did amazing work while in vision therapy. Lucy has always been a very happy, articulate, mature-beyond-her-years kind of girl. We were so surprised when she found it difficult to read in 3rd grade as she had always loved to read. She then began to complain of headaches and also made mention of the words on the pages of her books as ‘moving’.  We were quite concerned as well as confused because we weren’t sure what could be wrong.  Her vision screenings were always 20/20, we were unaware that there was so much more that went into seeing and the vision system, the 20/20 portion was only a small part of it.

Thanks to a conversation with a family friend whose daughter had similar symptoms, they suggested we look into vision therapy.  We were so lucky to find Dr. Fisher who evaluated and examined Lucy and developed a personalized therapy plan.  Dr. Fisher took the time to explain to us and to Lucy what the results meant and how each exercise would help correct the vision issue. Lucy enjoyed her vision therapy sessions and worked extremely hard. She appreciated Dr. Fisher, who knew exactly what she was going through and was so supportive and encouraging.   

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