Joshua’s Success Story

This is my son Joshua’s Vision Therapy Success Story!  When we started, Joshua was a bright 8-year-old that couldn’t read.  After some educational testing it was determined that he may be dyslexic and would need auditory processing therapy.  We opted to start with Vision Therapy testing and found severe deficiencies in eye tracking and verbal language automaticity.  There were also deficiencies in several visual perceptual skills, focusing, convergence, and divergence. Given all the visual deficiencies, it was no wonder that my son could not read.  He worked hard with Dr. Fisher for a very long year.  He was very excited to not only graduate from the therapy plan but to be able to read simple words without difficulty.  His visual perceptual skills are now nearly to the top of the charts.  His convergence and divergence skills are well over the goals. While some of his other scores are still low for his age, his percent of improvement in those areas are amazing given his auditory processing deficiencies.  We are more than pleased with our vision therapy experience with Dr. Fisher and will continue to recommend her services.

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