Luca’s Success Story

Pre-vision therapy, Luca had convergence insufficiency and was noticing double vision, blurry vision and difficulty tracking words on a page. Reading was frustrating and fatiguing. Luca also had difficulty swimming without his glasses and was very uncomfortable when his glasses were off.

Post-vision therapy, Luca’s convergence insufficiency is gone, his double vision is gone, he is seeing more clearly and it is easier for him to see in the pool without his glasses. Luca has much better eye tracking and teaming (making it easier for him to keep track on a page). Reading is easier, more fun and less frustrating.

Luca is thrilled to be done with his vision therapy program, but says he still misses seeing Dr. Fisher every week. He says the sessions were always fun and he really enjoyed all the activities and exercises each week. Luca would definitely recommend vision therapy to someone considering it. He thinks the greatest benefit is knowing that going through the program was a non-surgical intervention that actually works!

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