Sam's Success Story

“Our son Sam did not seem to have any difficulties academically in his early years of schooling. However, as he got older and the work increased in difficulty, we began to see some problems for him.

Reading, for example wore him out. He would get almost instant headaches, and energy level would drop. Other subjects such as math were difficult to understand, he was easily overwhelmed with assignments. Especially if the page was full, we would have to cover the bottom portion of the page so that he would only have to focus on one portion at a time. He needed frequent breaks, and there was no joy at all in his work, yet he still tried. He wanted to succeed.

We began our search to find what was hindering him. His eyes tested 20/20 in vision, he did not need glasses. We saw a neurologist for his headaches, they even did an MRI, and they saw nothing wrong. Then to an Endocrinologist for complete blood work for his low energy level…all was normal.

My mother recommended I speak with a Psychologist in the field of learning disabilities. After relaying Sam’s difficulties to her she recommended reaching out to a Developmental Optometrist. When I first spoke to Dr. Fisher at Sunflower Vision I knew that this is definitely where we were led to go for Sam. She listened, and actually understood what he was going through! After Sam’s evaluation Dr. Fisher found that he had Convergence Excess along with nine other eye deficiencies all under 50th percentile. We had finally found the source of Sam’s trouble. We began in office therapy immediately. It took diligence and determination on Sam’s part, my part and my mom’s (Sam’s grandma’s) part, but the outcome was beyond comparison. Sam no longer has Convergence Excess, and is well above 50th percentile in the other deficiencies!!! Over half of them in the 90th percentile!

Sam just recently passed his entrance exam into Technical College, which surprised him and really boosted his self esteem! Dr. Fisher was a gift sent to us, and we will always be thankful for her, and to her. We will always remember her. So thankful.”

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