Alyssa's Success Story

“Vision therapy has forever changed my life and has opened up an endless amount of opportunities for me.”

Before vision therapy, I was having a lot of trouble with everyday life tasks that I just thought were normal for everyone else to experience some trouble with as well. Growing up, I always dreaded reading. It always gave me headaches, I was always a really slow reader, and it was always embarrassing for me to read aloud in class because I had a really hard time tracking what I was reading (which made my reading really choppy).

Because of all the trouble I was experiencing with reading, even though I made straight A’s, school was still really hard for me. Other kids would blow through their class work and it would always take me twice as long to do the same exact work. Not only did classwork take me longer than others, but homework did as well. As a sophomore, I would do homework from the moment I got home from school till the moment I went to bed. I couldn’t even read past a few pages in my book because of the headaches I would get and because of how overwhelming it was for me to read. I always felt like I was working double over time to accomplish what other top students in my classes were achieving. School overall was just not very enjoyable for me anymore once my classes started getting harder. It was very frustrating and overwhelming to try and cope with.

During eye therapy, it was a roller coaster ride. There were some frustrating times while trying to train my eyes to work properly with each other, but there were also some very fascinating times when I could read more than five pages in my book and didn’t get headaches while reading anymore; I could see and feel the progress that my eyes were making and it was absolutely amazing.

After eye therapy, I realized how much it had truly done for me and I don’t know how I would have made it through the school year without it. Taking an honors English class, it was very crucial that I be able to read a lot in one sitting. Because of eye therapy, I was now able to do that and more! I’m also now able to get my classwork and homework done in a timely manner (as long as I don’t let my procrastination get in the way). For example, for my upcoming AP English class, I have to read two summer books. While on a road trip, I was able to read one of the books all in one sitting. I never thought I would see the day where I would be able to do that.

School overall has become much more enjoyable after eye therapy because the work isn’t twice as hard for me to do anymore. I actually enjoy all of my classes and enjoy learning now. I can now take tests without running out of time because I don’t have to reread multiple questions five or six times, I can read more than five pages at once, I can read at a normal pace, I can read aloud without being embarrassed, I can finish my classwork at the same time as the other kids; Finally, I can just be a normal student all thanks to the vision therapy. Vision therapy has forever changed my life and has opened up an endless amount of opportunities for me.

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